Race - Warforged


Created through magical means and using rare materials it is possible to give life to a humanoid machine. This process usually returns the soul of someone to have a physical form although their past life seems like a dream to them and thoughts from that life become hard to grasp. Most Warforged are from the distant past and many of them have seen many different hosts. Warforged can still be created new but the knowledge and materials to do so are incredibly rare. While it isn’t terribly rare to see a Warforged (the Empire of Light has over 1000 of them as paladins) there is much not known about them and how they work.


Warforged Characteristics

Size: Medium
Movement Speed: 30ft
+2 to constitution ability score
Immune to poison and diseases

Armored Body: Warforged are covered in plate like armor that gives them a benefit to their armor class but also makes it hard for them to wear armor. They cannot wear armor.
Low Maintenance: With this body Warforged do not require food or water to function, they do however require maintenance at least once a week that requires oil and additional work to make sure everything is in tip-top shape.

Restless Body: while Warforged bodies do not require sleep their consciousness does. To perform a long rest Warforged enter a trance like state for 4 hours; while in this state they are still aware of their immediate surroundings.

Languages: common and one of your choice

Enhanced Bodies: additionally when creating a Warforged select two of the following traits:

  • Enhanced Health: +1 Hit Point per level
  • Improved Sight: Darkvision
  • Improved Skill: become trained in a skill
  • Improved Resistance: -1 damage from bludgeoning, slashing, piercing.
  • Enhanced Legs: +5 movement speed
  • Linguist: gain proficiency in a language

Warforged only consider their age from when they were implanted or created in the body (obtained consciousness). Their height depends on who created them and usually varies between 5 feet and 6.5 feet tall.

Mithril Warforged
+1 to dexterity ability score
+ 3 to armor class and you are considered to be wearing light armor


Adamantium Warforged
+1 to strength ability score
+ 9 to armor class, you receive no dexterity bonus to your armor class, and are considered to be wearing heavy armor.

Race - Warforged

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