Race - Stone Troll


A recent race found in the World of Gods, Stone Trolls lead nomadic lives with usually 10-30 other members. There is not much known about the race having only been mentioned in writing within the last 100 or so years. What is known, is that the people seem to originate somewhere near or in the northern desert and each group of stone trolls have a rich and colorful spoken history many of which hint to them being descendents from trolls that braved the sunlight and survived.


Stone Troll Characteristics

Size: Medium
Movement Speed: 35
+1 to constitution ability score
+2 to strength ability score
Great Size: due to the Stone Troll’s great size they are able to wield two-handed weapons as a one handed weapon with a -1 to attack and to damage. Armor also costs twice as much and armor must be specifically sized or made for Stone Trolls.
Superior Tracker: Stone trolls gain advantage on nature rolls when tracking.
Languages: Common

Stone trolls vary in height between 7 feet and 9 feet tall and age similarly to humans but their life expectancy and maturity are a couple of years younger.

Race - Stone Troll

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