Race - Goblin


Goblins are ruthless barbaric humanoids with a below average intelligence. They often take things they want by force but are easily scared of great displays of strength. Goblins are one of the more prolific races that are thorns in the sides of more civilized races. Sometimes goblins become intrigued by magicians or art and seek to learn more. While very rare, some goblins have been able to ingratiate themselves into the civilized world. They are often feared and despised by most and find it very difficult to interact with society but through their tenacity the surprising few in society are able to do great things.


Goblin Traits:

Movement Speed: 30ft
+2 to dexterity ability score
+1 to constitution ability score
- 1 to charisma ability score

Sneaky: Starting at level one goblins are naturally a sneaky race, they gain proficiency in stealth.
Superior Dark Vision (See Drow)
Languages Known: Common and Goblin

Types of Goblins

Green Goblin:
The common and smaller goblin the typical height for these goblins is between 3ft and just below 4ft. a green goblin can live to about 35 years old though few ever make it that long; they are considered to be an adult at age 10 although they are nearly full grown by age 5.
Size: Small
Goblin Tactics: starting at level one when you make an attack action you may dash or disengage as a bonus action.

Elite Goblin:
It isn’t known why there is a larger goblin that tends to lead smaller goblins. These goblins take to being excellent martial fighters and tend to focus on getting fellow goblins respect by their strength. Elite Goblins vary in height but tend to be around the size of dwarves and some taller. Even their life expectancy is different living to be as old as 55 years old, becoming adults around the age of 14, and being full grown by age 9.

Size: medium
+2 to strength ability score
- 1 to intelligence ability score

Race - Goblin

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