The World Of Gods

This campaign follows multiple groups as godly forces clash for control over the World of the Gods. It has been over a thousand years since the great war between light and darkness and time has come again where the dark and twisted forces crawl out of their holes to plunge the world into chaos and suffering. Ancient secrets, legendary creatures, and new forces reveal themselves as the world prepares to fall into a state of war.

The Fall of the Free Kingdoms:

Undead forces have squirmed their way out of the Shadowlands into the Free Kingdoms. There is little known of the army except that much of the undead forces burn with an eerily blue flame. Shadowguard have had their forces destroyed and a small remaining group is currently split into two groups. One Searching for the reincarnation of the great warrior who sealed away the evil over a thousand years ago and the other rushes to the Free Kingdoms to stifle the advance of the undead forces while waiting for nearby nations to heed the call for action.


The Cast of Shadows

Forces are working behind the scenes to ensure chaos is brought to the world.

The Seas of Troubles

While sea travel was not always very safe the risk of losing life was low but recently rumors of great monsters and pirates have been on the rise.

The Band of The Dragon

A group of warriors raised from heroes that served as Dragon Knights in the great war over a thousand years ago travel the world seeking out evildoers and bringing them to justice. Recently business has been… good.

The Red Company

After a treasure hunting group under the employ of the wealthy Blue Merchant’s company started to discover rare and powerful artifacts a small company decides to start up to take advantage of what appears to be a very lucrative and powerful business.

The Forgotten Lands:

In the Northeast of the continent therein lies a country that has stayed isolated for centuries. As the gears of war start to creak in the rest of the world this land tormented by supernatural phenomenon seeks out great heroes to lead the country to a new era of peace.

Those the Shadows Forgot:

Near the Shadowlands resides ruins of once great kingdoms and people who have been forgotten by the rest of the world.

The World Of Gods